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Something from something else…

There is a certain point in the beer brewing process where the byproduct from one company can become the raw material for another. We’re talking about spent grain.

It’s at this intersection of beer and bread that we found the perfect meeting place for a new item on our fall seasonal menu: Jalepeño Corn Bread.

Spent grain, the leftover malted, boiled barley used to make wort, accounts for about 85 percent of brewery waste and the world produces an average of 42 million tons every year. While many breweries pass on their spent grain to local farms as feed for their animals, we thought it would be interesting to try and close the circle and incorporate those grains into something unique.

Through a partnership with Lone Pine Brewing and Big Sky Bread Company we have been able to do just that. This season, Lone Pine is providing Big Sky with a supply of spent grain to create a delicious Jalepeño Corn Bread exclusively for Portland Pie. And we couldn’t be more thrilled.

We hope you’ll take this opportunity to sample it with our Pimento Cheese appetizer and Open Faced Turkey sandwich on this season’s fall menu.