Portland Pie Co.


Portland Pie Company is Maine’s original craft pizza maker. For more than 20 years, Portland Pie has been serving traditional and unique pizza made with quality ingredients.

Founded in 1997 out of a small shop in the heart of Portland, Maine, the company's signature flavored dough - basil, beer, garlic and wheat - made them stand out experience in a crowded pizza landscape.

Over time, the Portland Pie menu has expanded to include many items beyond pizza, but they have remained true to their goal to successfully and consistently provide quality food via the dine-in experience, takeaway and delivery, and catering. In addition, Portland Pie is committed to offering their customers a wide selection of craft beer while supporting the talented local brewers in their communities.

At Portland Pie Company, it’s all about the people. From the farmers who grow the ingredients, to the families who share the pizza and everyone who works hard within their four walls, Portland Pie Company is proud to play a part in building a sustainable community. Simply put, good food brings people together.



Portland Pie Company

269 Ocean Street

South Portland, ME 04106


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It’s important for us to stay connected to the people who matter the most to us: Our customers. You. Please feel free to drop us a line at anytime if you have comments, questions or concerns. We want to hear about it when you have a great experience at Portland Pie Company as well as when something might not meet your expectations (although, we hope that’s not very often). Your feedback encourages us to continue to do the things we do best and helps us to improve in areas that need a bit more attention. Our managers are friendly and responsive and they look forward to hearing from you.

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